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December 6, 2019

ただし、1つの条件がございます。観光客はオフィシャル ウェブサイトを通じてオンラインでチケットを購入しなければならないという条件があります。オフィシャル ウェブサイトではWeChatもしくはアリペイで支払うことになります。外国人にとってWechatもしくはアリペイでの支払いは出来ない方がたくさんおられます。私達はそんな外国人のサポートをさせて頂きま...

November 20, 2019

It was great weather and we had a lots of fun. We had our resigned staff joined us as well, We are so honored that Mrs Panda is not only a home to travelers, but also a home to our staff.Wish everyone the best and hope to see you again!

November 1, 2019

Those breathtaking photos of Jiuzhai Gou Park and Huanglong Park were taken by our guests from Thailand on 21st of October. It's great to have Jiuzhai Gou back again!
Thanks a lot to our dear guests for sharing those photos with us.

**Please note that the park is open t...

October 5, 2019

After being closed for 2 years for recovering from the earthquake happened in year 2017, Jiuzhaigou is back and officially reopen on 27th Sep 2019.

Here are some beautiful photos that taken by Poppy(friend of Tank‘s) on 27th Sep 2019.

September 23, 2019

We're happy to announce this great news, the only change is that you will need to join a local tour group in order to travel there for safety precautions. Each day 5,000 visitors are permitted, so in order to visit you must reserve the tour as soon as possible to ensur...

May 3, 2019







・一日5時間勤務 週休2日














April 12, 2019



November 4, 2018

We got the information confirmed by Chengdu Xin Nan Men Bus terminal. Since the highway from Chengdu-LuDing(2hrs away from Kangding)is completed, the bus drive from Chengdu to Kangding shortened to 5hrs, which took 8hrs in the past.

The new bus schedule to the following...

October 11, 2018

Once again at the railway station.

Every time when our guests take the train to Lhasa, we send them not just to the train station but also go with them and tried our best to go into the train station to make sure that there is no problem for our guests to find the righ...

September 30, 2018

Leshan Giant Buddha scenery will be closed soon from the 8th of Oct 2018 to 4th of Feb 2019. The information has been confirmed by Sichuan Travel Bureau.

The scenery will not be entirely closed, but the Big Buddha will be. We don‘t recommend and it's in vain t...

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