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Songpan County is also known as Datang Songzhou city. It was built in the Tang Dynasty (618–907) and was named after the towering pines in the city. Historical traces can be easily found in the present layout of city: the ancient city with blue city walls; the low buildings and the numerous lanes in the city; four broad main streets (East Street, West Street, South Street and North Street) orderly scattering in the city; ancient bridges with long history; the flowing rivers under the bridges; the tea houses and cane chairs near the river; the tall city gates and the green hills outside the city etc. Everything in the field of vision gives people a sense of going back to the ancient times.



Mounigou Valley

located to the west of Songpan Ancient Town, occupies an area of 160 square kilometers (62 square miles). It has an elevation between 2,800 meters to 4,070 meters.

There are two major scenic spots in Mounigou Valley: Zhaga Waterfall and Erdaohai Scenic Area.


Zhaga Waterfall

It is the largest travertine waterfall in China. It is 93.2 meters (306 feet) high and 35 meters (38 yards) wide with an elevation of 3,270 meters (10,728 feet). In the upper reaches of the waterfall is a lake and in the lower reaches, is a multistep waterbed. When the waterfall rushes down from the travertine steps, it creates a large spray and an earsplitting sound. Visitors will be astonished by the amazing scene. The filemot rock cliff of the waterfall shows some flowery color under the sunshine.

Erdaohai Scenic Area

Visitors can get here by horse or on foot from the Zhaga Waterfall. The upper part of Erdaohai Lake is so limpid and clear that people can see little fishes under the water. While the lower part of it is a deep pool, it is too deep to be fathomable. Erdaohai Lake is a typical fallen lake. The color of water changes gradually from light blue to black blue as the depth increases.


In addition to the two scenic spots, There is a lake called Flower Lake because the green water surface

is covered by hundreds of blossoming nameless flowers. The types as well as the colors of these flowers change according to the season. When you come here, you will find yourself standing in a flower sea as people described in a fairy tale.


How can I go to Songpan by public bus? 

  There are daily buses from Chadianzi Bus Station(30mins by taxi from Mrs Panda Hostel ), but in the morning at 7:00; 8:30 and 11:30.Ticket price is 109CNY/way, and it takes around 6hrs to Songpan.

Bus route: Chengdu-Dujiangyan-Yinxiu-Wenchuan(near the Sichuan earthquake epicenter in 2008)- Songpan


Is it possible to take the bus to Jiuzhaigou, but get off in Songpan.

  Yes, it's possible to take the bus from XinNan Men Bus Station(2mins walk from Mrs Panda hostel). There are buses from 7:20am-8:20am, but only in the morning. You will need to pay the bus fare to Jiuzhaigou, and get no refund when you get off in Songpan.

Bus route: Chengdu-Dujiangyan-Yinxiu-Wenchuan(near the Sichuan earthquake epicenter in 2008)- Songpan-

-Chuanzhu Si-Jiuzhaigou


Can I go from Songpan to Huanglong park by public bus?

  Yes, but not in winter. We heard there are two buses in the morning at 6:00 and 6:20, it's round trip and comes back in the afternoon at 15:00pm.

If you don't want to come back to Songpan from Songpan, but travel onward to Jiuzhaigou Park.  there are two round trip sightseeing buses from Jiuzhiagou to huanglong. You can take the sightseeing bus from Hanglong drive back to Jiuzhiagou and the buses leave at 15:00/15:30pm.


How far is Huanglong airport from Songpan 

   It's 30km from Songpan. Chuanzhu Si is the closest town to Huanglong airport and the distance is 12km.